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Moving to Shopify: Manage auto-redirects with our custom app.

Inundated with 404 errors? Is your site losing traffic, sales or leaking rankings in search results? Read on to find out how to plug the leaks, get back on track and proactively stop them from occurring.

Migrating from your current e-commerce platform can be a huge task. You’ve built up a huge audience and high volumes of organic traffic through search engines. When moving to a new platform, there’s a good chance all your URL’s will need to change.

Not redirecting your URLs means that:
- past customers are being sent to old shopping cart links and presented with those terrible 404 pages,
- marketing campaign leads are lost
- and affiliate links are sent on a road to nowhere.
To prevent this from happening, URL Redirects are a crucial part of maintaining a website. In line with the old adage: prevention is better than the cure.

In terms of SEO it is essential to redirect the URL’s for many reasons. Firstly the old URL’s will have a PageRank, which Google assigns trust and authority. Only Google knows how much each page is worth but redirecting old to new passes on this PageRank to the new site. This is essential for maintaining existing rankings in the search results pages. It’s not good to waste Googlebot crawl budget on pages that don’t exist, it’s most important to concentrate the bot crawls on your most important pages. The bot will follow the redirects to the new URL and understand the new site architecture.

If you are planning to migrate over to Shopify or currently merging an existing site, managing the transition is always a tricky proposition. Luckily, we’ve developed a custom URL Redirect Manager for Shopify: the No-More-404 app. This app allows us to upload and manage huge lists of redirects that can be generated from your legacy platform.

The No-More-404 app actively tracks any 404’s in real-time and is so simple to use it’s almost point and click. With features including bulk import/exports via .csv and tools to analyse redirects, it really shines when moving platforms. Save yourself money in lost sales and install this application.

Contact us if you would like this Shopify app installed on your site, or for your other Shopify customisations or indeed SEO needs on any platform.

Posted on 04 January 2017

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