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30acres has just launched another customised e-commerce solution for new business startup; The Candle Library. Recently launched for Australia, The Candle Library is an online marketplace for bespoke and boutique scented candles sourced worldwide. If the candles smell as good as this website looks, we’re happy to judge every candle in this library by it’s cover! The Candle Library is a multifaceted business. Not only is it a reseller of some of the worlds most sought after luxury candle brands, but it is also delving into in-house production, wholesale and custom white label candle production for other brands, businesses and events. The Candle Library also heads up Australian distribution of one of the USA’s favourite industry brands, PF Candle Co.

Their new e-commerce solution was a custom theme built with Shopify. This build included a few extra bells and whistles to the tune of custom integrations both for inventory management, B2B wholesale solutions and a brand new Subscriptions service.

30acres worked closely with the US based developers at RechargeApps to make a subscription solution a reality for The Candle Library. The solution involved initial back end integration followed by front end customisation into the Shopify theme. Of particular note, we developed a custom matrix to funnel and condense the design of twelve subscription plans into an easily navigable path to conversion for prospective customers.

The Candle Library’s Subscription service is the first and only candle subscription service available in Australia. Using RechargeApps, The Candle Library hosts a fully integrated complex subscription service. The business offers a total of twelve different subscription plans, each operating under different rulesets and conditions. This integration involved Braintree (a Paypal Company) payment processor integration to be able to carryout recurring payments, singular cart functionality and a fully customisable workflow. The subscription service via RechargeApps features a robust, and intuitive customer portal for customer control. This allows customers to manage their own subscriptions for peace of mind. RechargeApps also provides the client with access to in-depth analytics, referral tracking, integration with Google Analytics and Custom Scripts for cart and checkout.

As always, this subscription matrix solution suits brands with a sense of functionality in design, easy management and aesthetic quality. The benefits include:

- Management of multiple recurring payment plans in a single management system

- Seamless Shopify Integration

- Integration with the world’s most trusted payment processors

- Customised front end design for easy customer navigation

- Responsive design that works for mobile devices

- Optimisation for higher conversion rate

- Customer Portal for self management. Great for time saving and workload efficiency

- Realtime Analytics and Reporting

This particular build has given 30acres the opportunity to be included in the Shopify Expert directory. We’re soon to become part of a community of set up experts, designers, developers, marketers and photographers who can help you get started with your Shopify store, make it look and work better and boost your sales. Stay tuned.

We’re all about finding innovative solutions and using the expertise of our team to provide proactive development and digital marketing solutions for your business requirements. If you’re interested in subscription services, recurring payments and custom front and back end integration into your e-commerce platform, we’d love to hear from you!

Posted on 01 September 2016

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