We welcome The Academy Brand to Byron Bay!

One of our latest clients has become a close neighbour to the 30Acres office and we couldn't be more excited about this next chapter for The Academy Brand. We went and took some snaps of the beautiful new space and chatted with their online manager, Kirsten Denton to discuss this latest store opening, the foundations of the brand and adapting to the year that is 2020...(so far!) 


Tell us a little bit about the brand in your own words for those who don’t know about you?

We are a lifestyle fashion brand for Men and Kids (Academy Rookie). In 2007 the Academy was formed to find the ‘forgotten man’. The man who wants a brand without being branded, attention without seeking it, quality without questions, value without compromise and trust without tricks. We are on a journey and we want our customers to be on the ride with us. Proudly owned and designed in Australia.



How has it been shifting a majority of your business to online with COVID 19? What unexpected challenges have you encountered?

Having a strong online presence has been critical for everyone during COVID… and we are no different. Online has really played a huge part in getting us through… So there’s been far more upside than challenges. But it’s been hugely beneficial to have so much focus online during the pandemic… We have learnt so much about ourselves as an online retailer… What we do well and what we need to do better. We have a far greater understanding of the potential that our online business has. And we are so excited to have teamed up with 30Acres to really help us unlock that potential.




    What's it like opening a new shop in Byron Bay during this time (when some might consider traditional retail a little risky)?

    Yes we can see how this seems like a crazy time to be opening a store… because it is!!!! However this has been years in the making. We identified Byron as a prime Academy target quite some time ago. There is minimal risk if the market for the brand is there, the location is right and numbers add up. And we have ticked all those boxes! The start we have made is really exciting… the store is trading its socks off already so we are so appreciative of the support we have received so quickly.. thank you Byron!!



    Posted on 30 September 2020

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